Weekend Recap

Monday already? This weekend was way too short. I wish I had 1 more day to just relax and sit still.

We were constantly on the move this weekend, which isn’t a bad thing! We are both still pretty tired though.

We thought our pool was going to get plastered on Friday and then it didn’t. That was a little frustrating, but we dealt with it by going to the Waterway to get tacos and margaritas. It was PERFECT weather all weekend, so we just wanted to be outside enjoying the outdoors. We sat at the Taco Stand for a few hours because when it is 70 degrees outside, it is hard to want to move!

On Saturday morning, the plaster company showed up at 6:30 AM and we were so excited. Finally! After 10+ days of no progress on the pool, we were finally getting somewhere. I am crossing my fingers that we get to fill it today!

Other than the pool plastering on Saturday, I had to run a ton of errands! So, I felt like I was driving all over town trying to get stuff done, but that’s okay. We went to the usual stores including Hobby Lobby and Lowes. We seriously go to those 2 stores every single weekend!

At Lowes, we got mulch and more herbs for the herb garden. I also browsed at some other plants to get ideas for our backyard. While Alex mulched the front yard, I re-planted the herb garden. I am so excited to have fresh herbs again! Also, I am still in love with our DIY Herb Garden – can you believe that this was our FIRST woodworking project? We have come a long way since then!

After running around town and doing house projects on Saturday, we decided to go out to dinner (again) to Hughes Landing. There is a new restaurant there called Broken Barrel. It is an international tapas style restaurant, so they have a bunch of different small plates you can share. We split a bottle of wine and ordered a few different things including charcuterie, zucchini salad, and shrimp fried rice! It was all super tasty.

On Sunday morning, we went to our usual Black Walnut brunch. It is one of our weekend traditions to go there for brunch every weekend, so we couldn’t not go!

After brunch, we finished piecing together my office and took pictures for my blog. I am so thankful for Alex and that he has the patience to deal with all the picture-taking. I wanted a few photos with me in the office, so I had to get him to help a bit. I am hoping to have my office reveal blogged within the next day or two.

Other than doing some blog pictures around the house, we went and did our usual Sunday grocery shopping and meal-prepped all of our lunches for the week. We actually were able to meal prep all lunches for under $20. Isn’t that crazy?

Finally, for dinner last night we made cod, rice pilaf and some Caesar salad – it was so yummy! We love cooking fish and cod has been our latest obsession. Surprisingly, we didn’t have any wine with dinner because we were that tired – who are we? It was probably good to save on the calories though!

Anyways, time for me to hit up the gym and get to work. I hope y’all had a great weekend! Stay tuned for some fun blog posts this week.

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